Sunday, April 11, 2010


سلام! بسم الله

I made SUSHI!!!! It wasn't my recipe of course, I just looked up how to do it online, but I still wanted to share some pictures :-)

I didn't have any sushi-grade fish, so I made this from teryaki chicken and tempura shrimp with cream cheese and/or cucumber.

I made some extra seasoned sushi rice and tempura shrimp as sides.


Twizzle said...

oh wow mashaAllah, great job rolling the sushi sis!! my step-father is a sushi chef in the US.. :)

ahhhh I can't wait to go visit the family and have some of my step-father's sushi!! its sooooo yummy MashaAllah :D

NeverEver said...

mmmm mashaAllah professional sushi delicious!

Sakura said...

how it tasted sis??...i like to eat sushi but not yet try to make it by self :D