Saturday, April 10, 2010

Patty Cake: Lower Calorie

بسم الله

I made a patty cake for my mom's birthday, and I even marked it with a B! lol, but really here is the cake I made for my mom's birthday. Her name starts with a "B".

It is just a regular store bought cake mix because I am lazy, but I decided to cut back on the calories and here is how!

1. Get a white cake mix, not yellow: this requires you to use egg-whites only, so no cholesterol and calories from the fatty yellows
2. substitute 1:1 apple sauce for the vegetable oil

This will give you a lower calorie cake and is SO light and fluffy, almost like angelfood cake.

As for the decoration, I used chocolate frosting and tiny multi-colored ball sprinkles. I used a knife to cut a "B" out of wax paper, which I centered and laid on top of the cake, then poured sprinkles over it.

I removed the wax paper and put more sprinkles around the edges to give it a "cohesive" look (aka to make it look less naked, lol).

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