Sunday, April 11, 2010

The REAL secret to Shawarma

سلام! بسم الله

So a friend and I have been doing a bit more experimentation with shawarma lately. I thought I knew what was up with shawarma before, but my eyes have been truly opened :-P

NEW tips:
1. Invest in one of those pans with holes that you use over the grill. That way you get the smokey taste on the meat (mmm mmm good).
2. Use half beef and half lamb
3. Marinate it with a little vinegar and spices (cumin, lemon, coriander, salt, pepper, etc). You don't need the yogurt if you use the vinegar :-)
4. Cook it with some of the melted lamb fat so that it doesn't get dry
5. Eat it with turnip pickles (the pink things in the picture below). These usually made with some beet juice or pieces for color, vinegar, and salt water (brine).
6. Follow the cutting instructions on THIS post

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جيسي‎ said...

SO STRANGE ! shawarma here is made with chicken D:
We have "donair" too...ONLY in nova scotia made from beef : ) it was brought here by lebanese who invented it here! ONE OF MY FAV DISHES! (it's like a mutant
I should make a food blog and post the family recipes my mom gave me for amazing multicultural meals ~ and some specifically Nova Scotian/Canadia ;P It's funny what we eat!