Sunday, April 11, 2010

My First From Scratch Cake

بسم الله

This is the first cake I ever made from scratch, the first icing I ever made from scratch and the first cake I ever carved!! :-D

The cake is this recipe: Just a normal cake, nothing really special or spectacular. I was just looking for something easy :-)

The icing is this recipe: *Note* you will probably need to add a little more liquid for this recipe to get it the texture you want, but the taste is fantastic!

Since I have never made this stuff before, I didn't use my own recipes.

Lol also you can see my ONE baking dish and my lack of hand mixer or stand mixer. I made the whole cake with a whisk and a fork :-P I am such a college student...
alhamdulillah it works for me though!

I wanted to carve it to look like a big chocolate. *Note* the cake is easier to carve when it is completely cooled (even frozen!) Most people suggest wrapping the cake and leaving it in the freezer over night.

*Note* when you carve a cake, you should include two layers of icing. The first is the crumb coat which catches all those crumbs you loosened by carving it and the second coat is your final top coat (or you can cover with fondant).

It is good to pop it in the fridge for a bit between chocolate coats.



MaMa MishMish said...

MashaAllah, looks good! You did a great job for it being the first time. How did it taste? :)

NeverEver said...

Jazakillah khair, Alhamdulillah it was good. Not the best cake I have ever had, but I was proud of it :-)

Winning-over-my-world said...

making cake from scratch is so much for fun than using a box. It takes time to get it right though. My first cake from scratch tasted not that good. Lol! Your's looks really yummy though. :]

Jennifer said...

salaams sis,
masha'allah can i have a peice, or two or three pleeeeeezzzzzz =D

Dino$ said...

sAlam Sista!

you know i never realized my love for cooking till after i got married. i love baking and trying new recipes and creating my own little touch. love ur blog and cakes and yummy recipes!

cooking and baking is ART :)

nice blog

MiMi & JuJu said...

awwww cute cake..and now i'm hungry ugh. so much for a diet. lol

Winning-over-my-world said...

Where have you been? Not cooking at the moment?

Irendi3786 said...

Ohhhh...that looks good!!!

Texan Teen said...

Ooooo it looks sooo goodddddd

جيسي‎ said...

: D
You should see my cakes.......
I have one with cream and was a mess. Strawberries just thrown on with clumps of cream lol.
And my choclate heart cake looks like POOP compared to this. You should be a cake decorator : D (I'm kind of one right now at my job in the bakery ^ ^;)